Friday, October 01, 2010

October 2010 Top 10

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Date: October 29, 2010 (Friday)
Topic: Funny titles for a scary movie.

Date: October 28, 2010 (Thursday)
Topic: Things you'd write on your final Facebook status.

Date: October 27, 2010 (Wednesday)
Topic: Things you think people should know.

Date: October 26, 2010 (Tuesday)
Topic: Things to say after someone says: "Thank you".

Date: October 25, 2010 (Monday)
Topic: Slogans for you, if you were running for office.

Date: October 22, 2010 (Friday)
Topic: Statements that changed your life.

Date: October 21, 2010 (Thursday)
Topic: Reasons why Pinoys make the best lovers.

Date: October 20, 2010 (Wednesday)
Topic: Signs you belong.

Date: October 19, 2010 (Tuesday)
Topic: English statements that are hard to translate to tagalog OR Mga tagalog na pangungusap na mahirap isalin sa inggles.

Date: October 18, 2010 (Monday)
Topic: Storm quotes.

Date: October 15, 2010 (Friday)
Topic: Messages for motorcyclists.

Date: October 14, 2010 (Thursday)
Topic: Things you've learned from Delamar.

Date: October 13, 2010 (Wednesday)
Topic: What ifs of your life.

Date: October 12, 2010 (Tuesday)
Topic: Ways to complete the statement: "If i were single/married..."

Date: October 11, 2010 (Monday)
Topic: Statements you don't want to hear during romantic or sexy moments.

Date: October 08, 2010 (Friday)
Topic: Pogi points/haba ng hair moments.

Date: October 07, 2010 (Thursday)
Topic: Alternative titles to hit songs.

Date: October 06, 2010 (Wednesday)
Topic: Things you want to eat, pray about and love.

Date: October 05, 2010 (Tuesday)
Topic: Ways to answer a question from a child.

Date: October 04, 2010 (Monday)
Topic: Things to say to someone who doesn't like you.

Date: October 01, 2010 (Friday)
Topic: Answers to questions you don't want to answer.